Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism (ECBAT)

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Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism (ECBAT)

"Promoting The "Valley Of Hidden Treasures"

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Eudunda – Why not come and visit?

Eudunda – In the middle of the tourist regions of

  • The Barossa Valley.
  • Clare Valley.
  • The Riverland.
  • Burra & Kapunda Historic Mining areas.


  • Stop and check out what to do in the district or beyond at our “Visitor Information Service” (in the main street). Proudly maintained by the Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT).
  • And you can drive this way to the famous and beautiful Finder’s Ranges and the Outback or stop in on the way back from these beautiful areas.
  • If you are travelling between these regions, consider coming through Eudunda and the Region of Southern Goyder for a look at some of our history or the beautiful hills and views.
  • Enjoy our award winning parks and gardens which are lovingly looked after by a very dedicated group of volunteers.
    You can spend hours here alone, looking at all the history tiles, while the kids play in the covered playground or the “Kids Scrub” area.
  • Have a break with Colin Thiele’s Sculpture in our lovely gardens (featured in television articles and books).
  • Look at our Centenary of Federation tribute to Transport in the last 100 years with hundreds of ceramic tiles by local residents and children depicting this theme on the shelter – erected for the celebration. (this is also in our gardens – next to Colin Thiele’s sculpture).
  • Visit our Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery – unique in Australia, for it’s “Family Heritage” records  along with fascinating displays of all the local memorabilia.
  • Climb our lookout and see a beautiful view around Eudunda and panoramic views around the district.
  • Seek out our other lookouts for more spectacular views – some are 360 degrees of wonder looking out as far as the River Murray Cliffs on a clear day.
  • Visit our Native Animals, Kangaroos & Emus, opposite our award winning Eudunda Area School – a must for young and old alike.
  • Stay at our great Pubs or Motel and meet the locals or just ‘bend an elbow’ with a refreshing drink after you have enjoyed our scenery or played sport.
  • Have a bite to eat including some delicious German style cakes and more at our Local award winning Eudunda Bakery and shops.
  • Our Roadhouse is open early and late to help those travelling through with fuel, food and drink who are running outside normal business hours.
    Eudunda Roadhouse – Ph: (08) 8581 1061 for Delicious Food, Fuel, Auto Gas, BBQ Gas, Ice & Drinks, Dine-in or Take-away Food including Hot Chips and chicken.
  • The Foodland Supermarket is open extended hours 7 days a week – allowing you to stock up with fresh supplies.
  • We have room in our street for Caravan, Bus and Semi parking close to all facilities.
  • The Light Hotel, right in the heart of Eudunda is now a popular RV parking facility and dump point.
  • Or just come for a relaxing time and friendly service.
  • Come and share some sport with the locals, we have something to suit your tastes:
    • Aussie Rules Football
    • Basketball
    • Cricket
    • Golf – (our golf course has been described as the ‘Little St’ Andrews of the North’ as it is set in the beautiful hills above Eudunda)
    • Hiking/Walking/Riding – (there are many local trails including the popular, longer
      Lavender Federation Walking Trail, which connects to the Heysen Trail just west of Robertstown. The Mawson Trail  also runs close by.
    • Netball
    • Lawn Bowls
    • Swimming – (swim in a heated pool – open during the Summer).
    • Shooting – (you will need appropriate licenses and permission from Land Holders).
    • Tennis
    • Darts and Snooker & 8 Ball
    • Road &
      Trail bike riding.

      • You can ride for a very long time on the back roads, not
        seeing a soul, ride with some mates to be safe.
      • We are home to the famous and unique ‘Swann Insurance 24hr
        motorcycle trial.
      • We have some of the best road bike riding anywhere, with
        good clean roads, light traffic and great open corners.
    • We also have the Walky Car Rally in the district yearly.
  • Spectacular Winter views with the greens, brilliant yellows and purples hugging to the hills and valleys.
  • Spectacular Summer views with various browns and yellows, blue distant hills, and mallee greens.