Renewables Projects Update – March 2021

ROBERTSTOWN POWER SUBSTATION UPGRADE This project involves an upgrade & expansion of the power substation in readiness for the connection of other renewables projects to the substation over the next years. The project commenced in March 2020 & is expected to be completed by June 2021. Enerven, the principal electrical …

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Crown Land Dedication Purpose – Eudunda Oval & Sporting Facilities – RCOG

Amending the dedicated purpose of the Crown Land. Submissions should be sent to CEO, Regional Council of Goyder, 1 Market Square, Burra, SA, 5417 or via and be received prior to 4pm Wednesday 17th February 2021 Thank you to Council for sharing this item with us.

Elector Representation Review – ECBAT Responds To Council

All Eudunda Ward Electors – Please Read This Urgently.   Download ECBAT Response here, easier to read (Full PDF – 6 pages – 220kb) Or read below So – Eudunda Electors – Write a submission Now! Don’t let your rights be sidetracked. SUBMISSIONS CLOSE JANUARY 11th 2021 – QUICK RESPONSE …

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ECBAT Expands Eudunda Caravan Park Ready For Tourism Increase

October 2020 saw another step in Southern Goyder being more prepared to welcome tourists to our area when the Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) commenced the installation of not two as expected but four new powered sites, bringing the total powered sites to eight. ECBAT wish to heartily …

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Robertstown Power Substation Upgrade – Progress Report

The Robertstown Power Substation upgrade project commenced in March 2020 but has had some delays over the Covid 19 lockdown period & also due to completion of engineering & construction drawings. Essentially the project involves the upgrade of the capacity of the substation to accept power generated by the various …

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Eudunda Ward Currently Under Represented At Council

Goyder Representation Review Makes Suggestions On How To Level Representation of Electors Up. The title of the web page on the RCOG website states Have your say – Representation Review Options Paper | Goyder Regional Council and ‘Council wants your view!’ (26th November 2020). The web page did not include …

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Voting For Silo Art Design Suspended Due to New COVID Restrictions

Due to the ‘Circuit Breaker’ set in place to stem the recent Covid-19 outbreak in SA, we will postpone voting on the Eudunda Silo Art until restrictions have been lifted. Please follow this page for further announcements. Thank you to everyone that have voted thus far. We’ve received quite an …

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Santa’s Magic Cave 2020 – Eudunda

Santa’s Magic Cave, Children – come along to see Santa. Registrations are open until 27th November, You can register at the Eudunda Newsagency Santa is visiting 11th and 12th December. 

Light up Christmas 2020 – Southern Goyder Regional Competition

Earlier this year the Eudunda Christmas Party committee decided not to hold a street party like we have in past years due to Covid-19 and the rules and restrictions surrounding large crowd gatherings at events such as these. Instead, the committee have been busy planning a few alternate ways to …

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