Renewable Projects Update – SEPTEMBER 2020

ROBERTSTOWN POWER SUBSTATION UPGRADE – Upgrade & expansion of the power substation in readiness for the connection of the other renewables projects to the substation over the next years.

The project commenced in March 2020 & is expected to be completed by December 2020. Enerven, the principal electrical contractor currently has 25 workers on the project staying at single person accommodation in Robertstown, Eudunda, Burra & Clare areas. Catcon, who are the civil contractors currently have 35 workers generally staying in shared housing & cottages in the Robertstown, Eudunda & Burra areas.

In addition to the local hotels, motels, cottages & bed &breakfast places currently being used, there are approx 7 fully furnished houses in the Robertstown, Eudunda & Burra regions being rented by the workers. There is also extensive use of local food, supermarket & motor vehicle fuel services across the region.


SOLAR RIVER PROJECT – Near Florieton between Burra & Morgan.

The original Project Manager, Downers, have withdrawn from the project & been replaced by a new contractor, AECOM. While some progress is being made, the project is not expected to commence until at least early 2021. There are 2 stages to the project – each generating power of 200MW at a capital cost of $480 million. The project is estimated to require 250 workers over the construction period of 2 years.


ROBERTSTOWN SOLAR – Near Robertstown power substation, just north east of Robertstown.

Similar to previous reports, at August 2020, the project owners had not appointed a Project Manger & were not able to give a planned commencement date. The solar farm is expected to produce 500MW of power at a capital cost of $1.1 billion. 275 workers are expected to be employed over the 2 year life of the project.


GOYDER RENEWABLES PROJECT – NEOEN – south of Burra & north of Robertstown near World’s End & Bright.

The project will feature 163 wind turbines, 3000ha of solar panels & a huge lithium iron battery generating power of up to 1800MW. The project will have a capital cost of $3billion and provide employment for up to 1100 workers over a 5 to 6 year period. Work will commence soon after approval has been granted most likely in the middle of 2021.


ROBERTSTOWN INTERCONNECTOR PROJECT – East of the Robertstown power substation near Florieton.

The Project Energy Connect transmission plan will link South Australia (Robertstown) to NSW (Wagga Wagga) with a 800MW transfer capacity. ElectraNet are managing the project in South Australia. The project is expected to commence in the latter part of 2021 & generate employment for 200 workers during the construction phase.


RES – TWIN CREEK WIND PROJECT – construction of up to 51 wind turbines between Eudunda & Kapunda.

Approx 150 workers are expected during construction which is scheduled to commence in early 2022.


GREEN GOLD ENERGY – AUSTRALIA PLAINS SOLAR FARM – approx 16kms north east of Eudunda.
Green Gold Energy plan to build a 150MW solar farm commencing in the first quarter of 2022 with 300 construction jobs created. They also plan to build a similar solar farm near Morgan as well.



Goyder Council councilors & staff, the Eudunda Community Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) & the Robertstown & District Community & Management Committee are ensuring that the maximum possible impact & interaction is gained from these projects in the local communities from Burra to Eudunda by connecting the contractors of each project to the local labour force, accommodation & food providers & other businesses. This is being done as a community service project with Mel Zerner, a former local Eudunda resident, voluntarily assisting Goyder Council & the other community groups in this initiative.
If you have any questions on the status of the any of the above projects or local requirements or want to ensure that your accommodation, labour or local business services are included on the registers, please contact Mel on Mobile 0418852353.
or via this web form below.