Successful 2022 Eudunda Christmas Party AGM

Eudunda Christmas Party Announcement
Eudunda Christmas Party Announcement

Thank you to all who came to our AGM , we had a fantastic turnout !

The Eudunda Christmas Party Committee takes on the task of running Eudunda’s Annual Christmas Party. This committee is actually a sub-committee of the Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Association (ECBAT).

Eudunda Christmas Party Committee Secretary, Nicola Clark wrote on Facebook.

I am pleased to announce that we have formed an amazing committee for our 2022 street party!
We welcome on board
Chairperson: Jaime-lee Dunn
Financial: Marissa Dunn
Secretary: Nicola Clark
Committee members :
Courtney Schutz
Karly Hines
Joanna Summerton
Jenny Kirby
Nerina Kirkman
Mercedes Flaherty-Holtham
Renee Dutschke
Amy Kate

We would also like to take this opportunity thank our out going committee members for their amazing contribution to last year fantastic event
Julia Schutz
Alison Schutz
Emily Geister
Ron Gillis
You will certainly be missed !

You can join thier Facebook Group here

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